How to Prevent Dengue


dengue A small mosquito can lead to serious medical problems like dengue. With news and media getting the dangers of dengue into limelight, everyone is looking for ways to prevent this viral infection which can even be fatal in rare cases.

This article will throw light on some basic facts of dengue along with providing some helpful tips on ways you can protect yourself from it.

As mentioned above, dengue is a problem that is spread through mosquito bites and is caused by a virus. Its prime symptoms include fever, muscle and joint pains, rashes on the body, nausea, headaches and pain behind the eyes.

Since there is no vaccine for dengue available yet, the only way you can protect yourself is by taking proper preventive steps. Read ahead and find out how you can shield yourself from the problem of dengue.

The fact is that dengue spreads through mosquito bites. Thus, to prevent mosquito bites, you must ensure that you don’t allow mosquitoes to breed in or near your house.

For this, you need to ensure that you don’t have any stagnant water near your house. During summers, change the water of your coolers frequently and also keep your drainage system clean and hygienic. Use mosquito repellents if you find a lot of mosquitoes flying in your house.

If you are fond of keeping flowers and plants at home, you must ensure that there is no stagnant water in pots or in flower vase. You should keep changing the water of flower vase so as to prevent stagnant water which can turn into mosquito’s breeding place.

To prevent dengue, you must avoid going in crowded places, especially during the times when there is a spread of this infection. Also, wear full sleeved shirts and keep your body covered through proper clothing to avoid mosquito bites on your body.

Thus, follow the above given tips to effectively protect yourself from the problem of dengue.

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