How to Prevent Choking in Kids

When you have a small kid at home, you need to ensure extra safety measures so that your child does not meet with any unwanted accident. Choking in small kids is one such dangerous activity which needs to be prevented as kids have a tendency to put anything they find in their mouth. It is only through putting things in mouth that kids try to explore the world around them. But this exploration activity can prove dangerous and even fatal for small kids if they get accidentally choked. Thus keep small things like marbles, stones, pins, balls, and even small toys away from child’s reach as it is not possible to teach kids to restrain from putting things in mouth. The only way you can ensure their safety is by being proactive and keeping things which can choke small children away from their reach.

There are certain preventive measures which you should take as a parent so as to protect your child from choking. Avoid putting anything around baby’s neck, especially small stones as they pose the risk of kid’s choking. When you buy toys, ensure they do not consist of small parts which can be broken down into further small parts as that can be easily put in the child’s mouth thereby putting him at risk of choking. Moreover, small objects like plastic bags, buttons, coins and even balloons are dangerous for the child. if you want your child to play with balloons, then you should always be with him and never leave him alone. Apart from small items of the house, you also need to protect your child from food choking. Children less than 4 years should not be given grapes, raw vegetables, nuts and even popcorns as all these items can choke a child. Ensure that your house is child-proof and is devoid of any such item which poses choking hazard.

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