How To Prepare Yourself For A First Night Sex Session

Prepare Yourself For A First Night Sex Session

Undoubtedly sex is an important ingredient of your marital life. Certainly, a person’s sex life is directly affected by his or her outlook, health status, cultural background, likings etc. so, there’s no point feeling shy for discussing sex related issues by visiting a sex counselor.

You can gather information and ideas relating to the topics like health status, fertility status from your doctor without any sense of embarrassment. Make sure you do get cleared from all the myths and misconceptions relating to sex from the counselor too.

Make sure you acknowledge and educate yourself with different facts relating to sexuality before hitting your bed for a first night sex session. Issues can be relating to contraceptives, hymen bleeding, ways of controlling anxiety etc.

Sex Performance

Remember that nobody is perfect in field ofsex performance. Women may suffer from anxieties like pain while penis penetration, excessive bleeding and even finds it diffident to talk to their partners regarding the same. But trust me, this won’t help anyone. So be communicative and talk to your partner, this will build a stronger bond between you two.

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It may be possible that men may suffer from problems of premature ejaculation due to anxiety. Just keep in mind that you don’t think of doing everything on the first night itself. Just explore the things gradually or little by little.

Sexual Satisfaction

Sexual satisfaction is only possible when both the partners reach orgasm at least once in their sex session. You can achieve this only when you know the different ways to arouse your partner, so talk about this. You can even read out some books regarding the same too. Try to become little more playful and enjoy sex in different positions.

Mind it, that good personal hygiene too plays a significant role in achieving a good intercourse session, so maintain that!

  • ranisoftrani

    i am 43 female, i live with single partner.
    my experience is that after being with my husband; i have to stimulate myself to get orgasm. i do not know whether it is same with other women.

  • sunny

    Hi…i’m 27/male/bachelor….i have a doubt…..actually i have noticed that the skin on my penis doesn’t goback/roll off while masturbating & a nerve is connected for penis and skin….after watching few porno movies, a doubt was arised in me….should the skin roll off/ go back on penis head as we usually see’s in porno….i have tried many times to do it forcefully…..but, itz damn painful

    I’m gonna marry in a month’s time……..please advice me if something is wrong.

  • please advice

  • rocker

    Hey Sunny……There’s nothing to worry….You are not circumcised…..It is good but not essential for sex….circumcision is the removal of some or all of the foreskin (prepuce) from the penis… can read what it is in the following link….

  • Curious

    To ladies with experience, I need to know- What is it like to give someone a blow job? Does it taste bad? Is it difficult or awkward?

  • Curious

    I am by choice an 18 year old virgin. I also have never master baited up until curiosity recently got the best of me. I learned that even with my very small fingers and after stimulation, even just one finger was extremely painful. It was very tight. Is this normal? What can I do?

  • jas

    if it is not easy to do. then do not feel shy . go and consult to doctor.
    a minor operation resolve your problem don’t worry a

  • Kelsie

    It depends on the girl and the taste of the cum. I personally don’t like giving blow jobs because I don’t like the rush of something down my throat. However I do it for the guys pleasure. If he pleasures me he deserves something in return. I don’t ever think it tastes bad , although I have many friends who can’t handle the taste and i swallow. ITs not the greatest feeling in the world but some girls enjoy it. Plus with masterbating that’s the idea most girls are kinda tight to begin with or are born tight. But masterbating slightly growing in size really helps and the more you do it the more the pain will diminish. Hoped I helped!

  • y

    Yes, it’s the same. Either you stimulate yourself during penetration or your partner does it with his fingers. Most girls are too shy though to ask for this. It is not what romantic movies tell us that sex is, but this is the way a women can orgasm. Women- don’t be shy- tell them this is what you need in order to orgasm.