How to prepare home-made paneer


The home made paneer or fresh cheese is a favorite amongst the people of north and east India. It combines readily with dale; (fried chana dal with paneer) and vegetables. It is also a base for the popular Bengali sweetmeat-rasogoola.

Keep in mind that a good paneer is determined by the type and quantity of the ingredients used for curdling of the milk. Savory dishes make use of firm paneer which is cut into cubes and fried to a golden brown. Remember those tasty and sumptuous recipes of matter paneer, navratan korma, kadhai paneer and so many other delicious and mouth-watering mughlai dishes. Sweets such as chaenna murgi, ras malai etc make use of softer paneer which is usually kneaded with some binding agent. The whey got as a result of making paneer may be reserved and used as a cooking liquid. Here is how you can prepare it in your homely kitchen!

10 cups whole milk, ¼ cup lemon juice

In a pan bring milk to boil, stirring occasionally to prevent skin from forming on top. Add lemon juice and stir till milk curdles (curd separate from whey).remove pan from heat.
Place muslin cloth over bowl. Pour curdled milk into muslin and strain. Gather up corners for muslin and tie about 5 cms above curds. Hang this bag for about ½ hour.
Gently squeeze bag and place between two cutting boards. Place on top board about 2 ½ kgs heavy object (saucepan filled with water) for about 2 hours until paneer layer is 1 cm thick. Remove weight. Untie cloth bag and remove.
Cut as desired or as per recipe requirement.

So what more are you waiting now? Just get into your kitchen and prepare fresh and healthy cheese for your family members and use it in whichever way you like!

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