How to prepare a Healthy Tiffin for your Child


When your child goes to school, you have to keep a track of many things- right from his books and uniform to his tiffin box. After all, having a nutritious meal is as important as having books in bag. Just like your mind needs knowledge, your body needs a healthy and a nutritious meal. Read below to find out certain tips for effectively making a tiffin box for your child which fulfills all the required nutritional requirements.

Children are children and thus they love taking all junk food like pizzas, burgers and chips in their tiffins. But as a parent, you need to ensure that your child remains healthy through nutritional meals. But how do you do that? First of all, make healthy eating a habit from early years of child so that he doesn’t have problems later in his life. Similarly, take out some time for your child’s health which in turn implies that you should examine the essential nutritional value of lunch before packing it for your child. Ensure that it contains a balance of essential components like protein, carbohydrate, minerals and vitamins. Keep the likes and dislikes of your child while packing his lunch as there is no pint making a tiffin which comes back untouched or half-finished. You can easily make a balanced and nutritional tiffin by keeping the likes of the child in mind. Moreover, decorating the tiffin, adding variety or decking it up with your child’s likeable dish would work wonders for your child as he would then definitely cherish his lunch. After all, a lunch eaten with a smile and enjoyment is any day better than one which is seen as an ordeal by the child.

It is not only about healthy tiffin, but also about healthy eating habits of your child. Stock up your house with nutritional food items so that the child develops the habit of healthy eating. Keep fruits readily available in the house. In addition, encourage your child to eat healthily by constantly iterating its benefits. These simple methods by your side would help your kid to remain healthy through healthy eating, especially through nutritional tiffin.

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  • chetna

    I do try ‘n watch my children’s diet but they are overweight . Must confess that I am a bad cook, on top of that my fam. is tremendously sweet oriented. I am wantin to help my sons (11 yrs. , 06 yrs. ) with their wt. Though I know a lot of THEORY, can’t see any results…