How to Overcome Hate


hatelove Many of us dislike someone or a thing to the extent of hating it. However, hatred is a negative feeling which not only has psychological and emotional ill-effects, but also affects your physical health as it can lead to medical problems like hypertension, migraines and reduced immunity to ailments.

Thus, you must overcome hatred to lead a healthy and a positive life. Given below are some tips that can help you overcome hate and other negative feelings.

You must learn the art of ‘forgiving and forgetting’. Every one of us makes mistake and one should learn to forgive a person instead of establishing a relationship of hate with him.

Even if we dislike a person, we should not let that feeling of dislike to turn into the strong emotion of hatred. Instead, you should take steps to resolve the conflict and ill-feelings so that you can lead a life which is positive and happy and not tainted by feelings of hatred, rage and anger.

Most of the religions preach of overcoming hate with love. Do not carry any harsh feelings with you.  Instead, give a chance to love and feelings of positivity to erase the harsh feelings between two people. This will make your life a much better and happier.

There are times when the person we hate refuses to accept his mistake or ill-doings that made you hate him. However, instead of getting angry and furious, you should simply ignore him and not let any ill feelings foster in your mind. Also, take an initiative and try to erase the line of hatred with a simple yet strong gesture of a smile.

If you face difficulty in overcoming feelings of hate and anger, then you can practice mediation and yoga. These help in getting your emotions under control so that you can prevent yourself from hating someone or something.

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