How to Overcome Exam Fear


With exams around the corner, children can feel their heart beating faster. This tension and anxiety is even more prominent in children who have their board exams approaching. However, to succeed, you not only need full preparation but also a positive attitude and calm and de-stressed mind. Instead of letting exam fear get the better of you, it is important for you to overcome this fear so as to pass with flying colors. The following tips will help you to overcome exam fear.

The first step by which you can overcome exam fear is by being properly prepared for it. Plan your studies as planning helps in eliminating last minute panic. Ensure you revise before going for an exam so that you everything is fresh in your mind. Never indulge in last minute studying as that is bound to confuse you, leading to nothing but panic and uncalled for stress.

Confidence helps a great deal in overcoming exam fear and that comes only through proper preparation and self-belief. While there is no denying the fact that you need to be well prepared to gain confidence, there are few children who become over confident despite knowing nothing. This condition too is not healthy and thus what you need is confidence which stems from self-belief and proper preparation.

Staying calm, composed and de-stressed is the most important thing for overcoming exam fear. Study to your level’s best, and then hope for the best. The role of parents and teachers comes handy here as you need to ensure that your child does not get overburdened under your expectations. You need to support your child during all ups and downs. Thus, parents should stay clam and children will automatically be eased off a lot of pressure. Additionally, yoga, breathing exercises and meditation are all helpful in overcoming exam fear.

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