How to Overcome Ego


overcomeego Loving yourself is a good quality but over loving yourself and thinking yourself to be the best is not that healthy. This is because there is a very thin line between pride and ego and while the former helps, the latter just leads to your downfall.

You must have often heard about how ego is a ‘bad’ quality and how it can affect the healthy growth of a person. This is because an egoistic person is an adamant person who thinks himself and his work to be the best which in turn leads to rebuking and disrespecting of everyone else’s qualities.

An egoistic person is often an alienated person as people don’t like to make friends with such a person. In fact, it’s extremely difficult to befriend an egoistic person as for that you constantly have to praise him and boost his ego. This is a false quality and you must try to get your ego under control as eventually, this quality can be a major road block to your path to success.

Well, overcoming ego is easier said than done. People who are egoistic face difficulty in accepting even this truth that they are egoistic as their ego comes in between truth and its acceptance. However, there are certain ways by which you can overcome your ego.

Practice meditation, yoga, and other relaxation exercises. This will help you to come to peace with your inner and spiritual self and will also enable you to control your mind. Coming in touch with your inner strengths and reality is a great way of overcoming ego.

Slowly and steadily, start listening to various points of views from an open mind instead of considering your point of view to be the best. Become open minded, get a control over your feelings and emotions and make a sincere effort to overcome your ego for healthy and harmonious living.

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  • So in order to overcome the ego mind, we need to quite down the negative parts of it and focus on the needed parts of it through meditation? It helps quite down the excess unneeded parts of the ego mind therefore we can focus on the inner being and become one with all else.
    Are there any other ways of creating balance between the ego mind and the self?