How To Naturally Treat Sore Eyes

Naturally Treat Sore Eyes

Naturally Treat Sore Eyes

Eyes are one of the most precious gifts which add color and brightness in our life. However, we need to take adequate care of them to keep them in a healthy condition. There are many eye problems people keep facing time and again. One of the most common is sore eyes in which the eyes turn red and itchy. Given below are some natural methods which would provide you soothe and relieve your sore eye. Applying a poultice made from raw grated apples is one of the most conventional and natural treatment for sore eyes. The most common and effective remedy is to apply a slice of cucumber over each eye for 30 minutes.

Slice Of Cucumber

Also keep washing your eyes so as to keep them clean. Along with water, you should also wash your eyes with warm milk. Moreover, infusion of a plantain can be used as eyewash. Cotton balls dipped in rosewater can also be effectively placed over the eyes for effective and natural treatment of sore eyes. Also try putting some salt in boiled, cooled water. Dip some cotton balls in it. Then you need to close your eyes and place the salted cotton balls on top of your infected eye for immediate relief. Remain in this position for about 5 minutes. It has been found that castor oil can provide relief and a soothing effect to irritated and sore eyes.

Cotton Balls Dipped In Rosewater

You need to make some healthy changes in your diet too as healthy diet is a way towards healthy life. Eat more of omega-3 fatty acid. Most importantly, get some adequate sleep so that your eyes get adequate time and relaxation for rejuvenation. After all, it has been found that adequate sleep gives eyes a break and replenishes the film. Follow these simple tips and naturally get rid of sore eyes for healthy living.

Omega-3 Fatty Acid


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