How To Motivate Someone Who Is Going Through Depression

motivate depresses people

motivate depresses people Motivating people to give their best performance is very important for the growth and development of the company. Different people are motivated by different methods. Tangible and non-tangible rewards play an important role in increasing the motivation of the people.

But motivating depressed people is a challenging task as they may have lost interest in their work due to some reason. To motivate these people, you need to understand the cause of their depression and help them to overcome it so that they are able to do their work like they used to do before. Let’s have a look at the ways you can adopt to motivate depressed people.

Motivate by setting first simple and then challenging tasks for them

People also get depressed when they are not able to do their job according to the expectations of their managers. Slowly, they start doubting their ability to produce quality work. You can help them to regain their lost confidence in themselves by first setting simple tasks for them. After reviewing their performance, you can set challenging and difficult tasks for them so that they can revive their interest in the work.

A challenging task will help them to innovate and apply different methods and techniques to perform their job. This will make them to learn new things that will increase their knowledge and develop their personality. This will also help them to overcome their weaknesses and internal fears and give them the opportunity to rejuvenate themselves.

Motivate by caring

You should make effort to understand the problems faced by the depressed people and show concern towards them. This caring attitude of yours will help in motivating and inspiring them to work for the betterment of their organization. A sense of loyalty will be created among them that would lead to an increase in their performance.

Share the burden of risk

You can also motivate them by assigning them tasks which give them the opportunity to take risk. Initially they may be reluctant to take the risky job but you should make them feel confident about themselves. You should reassure them that you will give them full support and cooperation in completing this task. You should take the full responsibility of their job. This will lighten the burden of risk on them.


Communicating these people about the aims and objectives of the organization, expectations of the organization from them and their future prospects would increase their effectiveness at the workplace. They will become aware of their role in the organization and how their work will benefit them and their organization. All this will enhance their performance and they will make best effort to achieve the set targets.

Fulfill their desire to achieve something extraordinary

People get sometimes depressed when they are not considered worthy to take up an important task. Everyone likes to be a part of something that will give them name, fame and success and wants to contribute something useful to the society. It gives a new meaning and direction to their life. If you involve depressed people in an important project, it will increase their confidence and motivate them to take up challenging task. They will also try their best not to disappoint you.

Build a relationship of trust

You should be honest with these people as it helps in forming a bond of trust with them. You should not hide anything from them which is going to have effect on their professional life. This will help you in gaining their confidence and trust. They might share their problems with you on seeing your friendly nature.

Motivate by giving importance to their needs and desires

You should adopt different ways to motivate depressed people. These people work hard just like others to earn recognition and a sense of ownership. They expect something in return for their hard work that will make them feel that they are also a part of their company.

You can fulfill their wish by giving them credit for their work regularly. You can appreciate their work by giving them hike in their salary, bonuses and other non-cash incentives. You should give them the opportunity to develop their creativity and talent. You can motivate them by providing interesting and highly challenging job.

This will enhance their performance. Reward them according to their capability. Give them stability and security in their job as this can be one of the reason of their depression. You should understand the needs and desires of depressed people. Try to spot their weaknesses and work to improve them. You can also collect information about these people from their managers and colleagues to know about their nature.

Sometimes, the problem lies with the managers as they fail to know the requirements and importance of these people. You should analyze the situation in which these people work as it can also be the reason of their dissatisfaction and depression. If you try to understand these people and the circumstances under which their performance have gone down then you might find a way to solve their problem.

Sometimes you may experience difficulty in convincing these people that their problems can be eliminated with a simple discussion. In this situation, instead of losing your head, you should remain patient and try to find some new alternatives to solve the problem. You are not supposed to force your solution on them.

Each person has different ways of looking at things. You should try to improve your relationship with them. They will ultimately understand that you are trying very hard to make things better for them. You can also have a formal discussion with them to know their views and understand things from their perspectives.

Prepare them to lead

Give depressed people a chance to lead others. Everyone has the potential to be a leader and take up a responsible position. You should give freedom to these people to showcase their talent and develop their personality.  This will increase their morale. By giving equal opportunity to them, you may discover your next future leader.

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