How to Manage Conflicts


conflict If there are friends, there are enemies; if there is happiness, there is joy; and if there is peace, there is conflict. Life is full of paradoxes and one needs to know the trick of effectively handling the opposite poles of life so that life can be harmoniously balanced and lived happily.

While you might have enjoyed many peaceful and harmonious moments in life, there are also moments when you might have been placed face to face with conflicts. How do you react and deal with such situations?

Conflicts can be of varying kinds- between friends, between unknown people, between couples, between a boss and his employee, between colleagues and also generic conflicts like those that might arise as a result of road rage. If you are suddenly faced with a conflict and are looking at ways of resolving it, then here are some tips.

First of all, when faced with a conflict, your role is to somehow resolve the growing heat between the two parties. Thus, for that you need to be a neutral judge and listen to cases and point of views of both the parties.

Then, use your common sense and your judgment to arise at a resolution through which both the parties are not offended. After all, you are not the real judge and your job is to somehow resolve the conflict in a peaceful and harmonious way.

See, you need to realize that if a conflict is going on between two people, you need to resolve it in a mature and sensible way. Common sense is one uncommon thing prevalent in people conflicting as during those intense moments, people usually lose their self-control, forget common sense and even lack basic judgment.

If it’s a fight and conflict between friends, you should deal with it in a calm, composed, and sensible way by keeping self control. Conflicts are immense heated up moments and to resolve any kind of conflict, all you need is a blend of self control, common sense, sound judgment, sensibility, and maturity.

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