How to make your Hair Shiny

Wouldn’t you like to convert your dull, lack-luster hair into shiny flowing ones? Everyone has a desire to enhance one’s beauty through the natural shine of hair as hair play an important part in deciding your overall appearance. If you too want to make your hair shiny, you can follow the given simple and effective tips.

To attain a proper shine on hair, you should use a shampoo with wheat proteins and polymers. You can also use a shampoo containing silk amino acids which make the hair soft and repair the damaged hair structure. Similarly, hairdryers can sap the moisture and shine from your hair. Thus, if you are in a habit of frequently using hairdryers, you should use heat activated shampoos and conditioners. Deep condition your hair weekly. Also ensure that you do not use lots of styling products as that can make your hair dry and weak. Natural oil can also make your hair look shiny. Just brush or comb your hair gently. You can also use natural, home made shampoos for that shiny effect. In a bowl, mash avocado, one tablespoon of olive oil, and a tsp of baking powder. Mix well and apply it on your hair and rinse it after 15 minutes. It has also been found that rinsing your hair with cold water can also help in enhancing the shine of your locks.

Dull and lack luster hair is also an indication of unhealthy diet. Have a well balanced and nutritious diet and ensure your body has a balanced source of iron. Tuna is a great food option for healthy, shiny, luxurious hair. Vitamin E is essential for the health and natural shine of hair. Include brown rice, nuts, wheat germ, and leafy green vegetables in your diet. Follow these simple tips to attain a natural and attractive shine in your hair.

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