How to make Homemade Wax

Keeping oneself hygienic is the basic and the first step towards the whole process of beautification. Though many methods are available for removing hair from one’s body like creams, shaves and others, waxing is the most preferred option due to its long tried and tested value. However, one should be sure to buy only those readymade waxes which are hygienic in nature so as to avoid further complications. These days’ people prefer making wax at home due to its simple and most importantly hygienic factor.

There are various simple and effective means through which one can prepare wax at home without wasting time or energy. The first thing which one must ensure is that one works in a neat, clean and a hygienic environment to avoid infections. A simple way of making homemade wax is by pouring one cup of sugar in a microwave safe bowl along with honey and dark corn syrup. Heat this mixture for about 3-4 minutes in the microwave and squeeze lemon juice in it along with stirring it properly so as to mix the contents. In about 5 minutes, your homemade wax would be ready and available for use. One should use this wax after it cools down and it is always a good idea to apply powder on the area before the application of wax. In addition, one should ensure the use of hygienic strips to attain a healthy and a smooth skin.

Hair removal is a process of beautification but most importantly, it is a means of keeping oneself clean and hygienic. Though one can use shavers and creams, the effect of these is short-lived in comparison to that of waxing. Moreover, preparing wax at your home is a good way of ensuring proper hygienic levels of a person. So follow the simple and the safe way of preparing homemade wax to attain a smooth and a healthy skin.

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