How to make eggs in a basket


Are you tired of preparing those deep-fried breakfast dishes which are high in calories for your family members? Confused about foodstuffs that can give your family essential nutrients as well as lots of energy at the breakfast table so that they can carry out the activities of their daily life with vigour and zest? So why not try out something which is rich in proteins and good for your body like eggs. Belive it or not, eggs in basket is quick and easy breakfast comfort for any age group. Here is the simplest and tastiest way to make it-just read it out!

Heat the pan on the stove and add butter to it. Then use a cookie cutter or small glass to make a hole in the centre of a bread .once the butter has melted in the pan, place the bread in the pan. Now wait for the bread to turn slightly brown. Turn it over. Add a little more butter.

Break an egg carefully. Pour the contents of the egg into the hole in the centre of the bread. Cook the bread and egg until the white of the egg becomes solid. Turn over the bread and egg with a large spatula. Cook the egg until its firm. Add the egg until its firm. Add the piece of bread that as cut out to the pan. Fry it until it is lightly brown. Place it on top of the egg to create a lid for the basket.

Now remove the bread from the pan with a side spatula. Allow it to cool for a moment before eating. You can eat this with spicy chutney or tomato ketchup as per your taste. Trust me; everyone in your family will love it for sure.

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