How to Make a Headband


Girls, especially younger ones, look cute and sweet in colorful headbands. Along with clothes and attire, paying proper attention to accessories has become a necessity.

Headband is one such accessory which not only adds to the fashion quotient, but also helps in keeping hair in order.

Headbands can be made from plastic, fabric or any flexible material. Instead of going shopping for headbands, there are ways by which you can create them at home by sheer use of your household materials and creativity.

The easiest way to make headbands at home is by using fabrics or ribbons. Many of us have loads of ribbons, particularly satin ones, kept at home. These satin ribbons can be creatively used to create useful headbands. First you need to measure the size of your head so that you make a proper sized headband which is neither tight nor loose. After you have an approximate measure of your head size, you should cut the ribbon accordingly. Now you need to attach the elastic with the cut ribbon. For that, you first need to place them together and fold it so that the elastic and the ends of the ribbon are not visible. After that, sew them together. You can also use glue for this purpose. Once you have sewn the ribbon and the elastic, your headband is ready for use. There are various ways apart from this which can be used for the creation of headbands at home. Moreover, you can freely use your creativity and create headbands of your choice. For instance, you can use different colored fabrics and create some artistic design on the headband rather than having it of one color.  Just take the ribbon or the fabric as your drawing canvas and use your imagination and creativity. Then follow the given steps and you will have an artistic headband ready for use.