How to keep yourself Cool in Summers


With the approaching of summers, one often thinks of the scorching sun, its immense heat, and sweaty conditions. We all look to stay indoors with air conditioners on to keep ourselves cool and comfortable. However, there are also certain natural ways that can help you keep your mind and body cool during summers. Read ahead to find out such effective natural cooling tips.

When we think of natural cooling agents, one cannot think of something better than water. Taking a splash in cool water or a cold water shower during a hot summer day sounds extremely refreshing. Similarly, you should keep your body hydrated by increasing your intake of water. Having fresh lime water can do wonders. It can help in refreshing your mind and body along with aiding in keeping you cool and hydrated during summers.

To avoid excessive heat, you should wear cotton and light colored clothes that are of comfortable fit. Wearing extreme tight clothes during the sweaty season can make you feel uncomfortable. Also, while going out, remember to protect your skin from sun by applying sunscreen lotion and also preferably wear a hat for protection.

Most of us don’t feel like having heavy meals during summers. That’s quite normal and even healthy. This is because you should have light and frequent meals during summers rather than having few and heavy meals. Additionally, little exercise always helps. You might think that how can a person exercise and sweat during hot season? However, light exercises during summers are always helpful and they also aid in keeping your body cool. Yoga and meditation are especially beneficial.

Along with the above tips, you can also follow certain tips to keep your home cool and ventilated. Don’t put on extra lights at your house as the heat produced by lights can make your room unnecessarily hot. Thus, follow the given tips and keep yourself cool and comfortable during summers.