How to Keep your Body Cool


In summers, we cannot imagine going out in the open without an air-conditioned car. We have made our lives so much dependent on machines and technology, that we have almost lost touch with nature and natural cures. People who did not have air conditioners also survived and lived a much healthy life. To help you reconnect with nature, given are some natural ways by which you can keep your mind and body cool.

The most effective and natural way of cooling yourself is by getting in touch with the magical powers of water. Cool water is an effective way of cooling down yourself and even sprinkling of few drops of cool water are enough to ward off the unwanted heat. Going and relaxing in a pool is one of the best ways. Similarly, you need to drink water and fluids a lot to keep your body hydrated. Drinking water or fresh juices and not to forget- the helpful lemonade is extremely helpful in cooling your mind and body. When we talk about fluid intake, remember that you should avoid caffeine as it leads to dehydration.

Also, avoid the urge for chilled drinks as excessive cold drinks will make your body feel even hotter after some time. Also, the chances of your getting sick by catching a cold or throat infection are quite bright when you have chilled water immediately after sweating a lot. You must have also noticed that after excessive sweating, your body becomes cool. This is nature’s way of cooling you down.

Also, be wise and smart when choosing summer clothes. They should be of cotton and the lighter the shade, the better it is. It has also been found that eating small and light meals not only helps in keeping your digestive system fit, but also aids in reducing the body heat which is a by product of metabolism. Thus, follow these simple tips to naturally keep your body cool.

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