How to keep home cool in summertime

The arid atmosphere and high temperature of summers not only harms the exterior but also the interior of your well designed house. The humidity and blowing heat kills everything around. Keeping AC on can provide you an instant relief by lowering the room’s temperature with its coolness. But this is not exactly you looking for? What you need is a healthy fresh air to breathe in. here are some ways listed below that can help in keeping your home cool during this hot weather.

For ventilation
Opening the front and back doors for ventilation have been strongly recommended in feng shui as well as in vastu because this leads to inflow of positive energy in your house. The idea is to open your house windows and let the cool breeze blow in.

Importance of shades
You can always install good quality sunscreen shades or outdoor canopies for protecting the doors, porches, windows and patios from sun’s warmth and heat.

Growing shrubs and trees
Growing shade trees and shrubs helps in blocking the sweltering sun’s rays from entering the house. For e.g. you can plant deciduous tress around your house to protect your house against sun during summers. There are varieties of trees that are available to you for beautifying both interior as well as exterior of your house. You can choose among them as per your choice. Tress works in two-ways. Firstly they protect your home from outside heating sun and secondly smart placements of these tress and shrubs add stylishness to the place.

Use of light colors
If you are looking forward to re-paint your house’s exterior or thinking of replacing your house’s roof, make sure that you use the light colors for painting as they will reflect more sunlight away from the building.

For interiors
For protecting the home furnishings and other interior of your home in summers when sun is at its peak, lowering of blinds and shades proves to be an effective way.