How to help your child to write


Writing forms an integral part of language instruction in classrooms. Writing can be very communicative in itself. But unfortunately in Indian schools, writing is equated with the formation of alphabets, symbols and handwriting. They miss out the fundamental premise of writing.

It is very important for an educator to expose the children to various text organization like compare and contrast, sequence, cause and effect, problem solution et. This will help in budding their background knowledge, which they can later apply while writing. Here are some easy ways through which you can help your child learn to write.

Ask the kids to narrate stories, poem, personal experiences in front of other children; this will tremendously boosts their confidence. You can also invite peers, family members, and community members to share their experiences and extend the children audience. Children can narrate the personal experiences about his or her breakfast, or what he or she saw on the why to school. Teacher should listen carefully and then inscribe verbatim for the child in print. This helps the child to connect the personal experience with print and see it as a mean to communicate.

Even real opportunities to write can be given to children. An educator can assign each child to write a morning message, or short riddle, announcements or special events on the message board. There should be no hard and fast rules about message board. It can take any shape as per the class dynamics.

Children can be divided into groups and told to collect the news for the nook and corners of the school. This activity can be culminated in a class news bulletin or newspaper.

You can also encourage children to write anything that they feel like and place it in their writing folders.

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