How to help a Choking person

Imagine going out for a nice family dinner when suddenly the happy atmosphere turns nightmarish due to the sudden choking of your partner? Instead of getting panicky and helpless, it is always better to be aware of such circumstances so as to prevent serious and even fatal consequences. Choking is a condition which can occur when food particles become trapped in a person’s airway making it difficult for him to breathe and speak. Instead of getting panicky, one should provide as much help and assistance possible to the choking victim so as to prevent him from fatal consequences as choking is a serious condition which can even lead to death.

Choking is a problem which can occur at any time as it is primarily caused due to obstruction in one’s air passage. This obstruction can be caused due to some food particle getting stuck in the pharynx and can also be due to some respiratory disease. A person getting choked needs immediate attention as he becomes short of oxygen and thus, it is always a safer idea to be aware of the things one must do to help a choking person.

The first thing one must do to help a choking person is to stand behind him and wrap your arms around him. Then one must place one’s fist with the thumb against the victim’s upper abdomen along with clasping the other hand over the fist. Then, one must push one’s fist forcefully towards the abdomen with a quick upper thrust followed by an inner thrust. This helps in pushing the air from the lungs to the windpipe aiding in the regaining back of breath by helping in the removal of the foreign object. If one is not able to remove the obstructing object through this method, one should lay the suffering person on the back and straddle him. After that, one should place the heel of the hand on the abdomen with the other hand on top of it. With the elbows locked straight, one should push forcefully with a quick downward and forward thrust to help the person regain back his breath. Moreover, medical assistance should be sought as soon as possible as choking is a problem which can even have fatal consequences if a person remains out of breath for a longer time.