How to handle the problem of Hair Loss

Are you living in constant fear of being bald by seeing clusters of hair breaking everyday? Hair loss can give sleepless nights to anyone as hair form one of the biggest beauty assets of a person as different styles of hair provide a completely new and stylish image to a person. Whether you are a male or a female, the problem of hair thinning or hair loss can be quite frustrating as it disrupts the happy and healthy life of a person. However, this is a problem which can be prevented and treated through simple and natural means.

There are various factors which lead to the problem of hair loss like improper diet, stress, tension and even genetic and hormonal factors. Moreover, pregnancy and menopause are accompanied by a drop in hormone levels which can trigger off the problem of hair loss in many women. However, it is possible to bring about a significant improvement in one’s hair health by following certain methods of which the primary is to indulge in a healthy diet. A balanced and a nutritious diet is not only good for the body but it is also essential to attain strong and healthy hair. The ideal strategy to prevent hair loss is to indulge in a diet which is rich in proteins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Daily intake of nutrients like Vitamin A and B can ensure that there is a drastic reduction in the problem of hair loss. In addition, one’s diet should be rich in vitamin B6, zinc and saw palmetto. One can also make a healthy drink at home by blending bananas, honey, yogurt and low fat milk. This drink is rich in biotin which can help the hair to have strong roots thereby reducing their fall. One should avoid foods loaded with refined sugar, artificial colors and preservatives as they put a strain on the digestive system causing brittle hair and dehydrated scalp.

In addition to proper diet, one should pay attention to cleanliness and caution towards cosmetic treatments to avoid the problem of hair fall. Moreover, one should get adequate sleep and relieve oneself from stress and tension to attain healthy and strong hair.