How To Get Smoky Eyes

If you want to add an extra spark to your look, one thing which is often advised is to get a smoky eye look. Smoky eyes have been in fashion for a long time and they still possess the sustenance power as more and more people are finding this as an effective makeup tip to add up on their look. One can easily do one’s eye makeup at home by following some given tips and witness a drastic positive change in one’s overall appearance.

To get the perfect diva look through eye makeup, one needs to first master the application and blending techniques so that smoky eyes look sophisticated and not shabby. One needs one black eye pencil, at least two colors of powder eye shadow and dark mascara for the perfect smoky eye look. The base color should be a shade slightly darker than your skin tone. For a soft and sophisticated look one may choose colors like grey or natural beige; a bright base would lead to a dramatic makeover look. Next is the task of choosing contour color which must be dark, matte or slightly shimmery one. According to the color of one’s attire, one needs to choose amongst various colors like dark brown, blue, green, or even purple. The color black can be used with any outfit to bring about a stunning effect. Though a blend of two colors is common for the effect of smoky eyes, one can also add a third shade which can be a slightly shimmery highlight color applied under the eyebrows.

The application procedure is simple. First, outline your eye contour with black eye pencil. Thicken up your upper lashes. Apply the base color first with a brush. Then apply contour color eye shadow blending it well with the pencil line. Half-close your eyes and apply contour color in the crease. You need to perfectly blend both the colors through application and re-application for finally get the desired smoky eyes which have the power to kill power with just one look.