3 Ways To Get Small Breasts

Small Breasts

Most women do not find big breasts appealing. These womanly assets are often the cause of severe backaches, bad body posture, hunchback and even severe conditions like breast cancer. Breasts are mainly made of fatty tissues so it is possible to reduce their size. Women, who can afford it, often go for surgeries to correct and normalize the size of their breasts. However, there are those of us who cannot take on the expenses of a surgery. Fret not. Breasts can be reduced in size at home by following a simple set of exercises and by eating sensibly.

Before we discuss the exercises in detail we must warm you that in order to lose weight from the breasts you will have to lose overall body weight. The reason is that there are no exercises to specifically target the problem areas in our body. Spot reduction is possible only via fake online programs.

Exercises To Help Reduce Breast Size

Cardiovascular Exercises

Nothing blasts fat like cardiovascular exercises do. You can pick your favorite cardio-exercise from running, cycling, swimming, brisk walking and skipping. Any exercise that helps increase your heart rate is bound to help you lose fat and weight.

Cardio Exercise

So perform cardiovascular exercises four times a week for at least 45 minutes. You can even do a combination of the different cardio-exercises to make your workout more interesting and challenging. Remember, as your body gets used to the workout it will burn less and less of fat. So keep the intensity of your workouts high by either increasing the workout time by 15 minutes every week or by adding weights to your routine workout.

Chest Press Exercise

Chest presses are done with the help of hand weights. If you don’t have weights then simply use two one liter bottles that have been filled with sand. The sand-filled bottles will provide enough resistance for your workouts.

Chest Press Exercise

By doing three sets of chest presses every day, you will find your breasts firming up, building tone and losing fat. The exercise will prevent the breasts from sagging when they start losing weight.


All men and women are aware of how to perform the push-ups. However, for some strange reason the exercise is seen as manly and is skipped by most women; even women who train at the gyms don’t do push-ups as part of their routine workouts. Do at least three sets of push-ups every alternate day; this will not only get rid of the extra adipose tissue deposited around your breast muscles but will also reduce chances of breasts sagging due to sudden loss of fatty tissues. Other exercises that will help you lose weight from around the breasts are hula hooping and jumping.


These are not only fun-exercises but also a quick way of losing the unwanted pounds. To shed weight from breasts it is important to lose over-all weight as well. Eat a low-calorie diet to avoid piling on extra pounds on your body. Exercising alone isn’t going to help you reduce your breast size.