How To Get Rid Of Dead Skin

Dead Skin

 Dead Skin

We all want to have a smooth, soft, and glowing skin. But often we face the trouble of dry and dead skin which hampers our beauty. Given below are some simple ways by which you can get rid of dead skin.

When you have dead skin, the dead cells of your skin occupy the upper layer of your skin and prohibit the fresh cells from coming out. Additionally, the dead skin also blocks the nutrients the new cells need to flourish.

To get rid of such unwanted dead skin, you should exfoliate and scrub your skin regularly. Do not think that scrubbing your skin once can free you from dead skin. It will take time as you need to get rid of dead skin which has been accumulated over a period of time.

Scrub Your Skin Regularly

While there are various exfoliating scrubs available in markets, you can also try out some home made scrubs to get rid of dead skin. You can make an effective scrub at home by using papaya, pineapple and little honey. Apply this scrub on your skin and while removing, remove it using circular movements of your fingertips.


Rinsing your face thoroughly with water can help in getting rid of dead skin. Similarly, you can use a wet tissue for the same purpose. These are some basic guidelines that can help in preventing the formation of dead skin or removing it in its initial stages.

Rinsing Your Face

If your dead skin is stubborn, then you have to use exfoliating scrubs. Also, get yourself checked by a dermatologist if your dead skin refuses to budge as dead skin can also be a result of certain skin problems like psoriasis.

Exfoliating Scrubs

Thus follow the above given tips to get rid of dead skin so that you can flaunt a healthy, fresh and a radiant skin.


  • srishti mittal

    i think that now my dull skin will get changed with these ideas. Thanks