How to Get Rid of Dandruff


how-to-get-rid-of-dandruff Are you afraid of wearing dark shirts and tops as those get covered with white flakes? That’s dandruff and here’s how to get rid of it.
A fungus or a dry scalp that you might have been scratching frequently may cause dandruff.  Another likely reason is the accumulation of the left over of the sprays that you had been using. If fungus were the cause, that is very unlikely, you have to use a zinc-based shampoo. Else, follow these steps and get rid of it.

Thoroughly wet your hair under the shower. In your palm pour a big dollop of shampoo, and apply it on your hair thoroughly. Using your fingertips massage the whole thing down to your scalp. Take care of the damaged scalp, if any. Pay attention to your scalp to get rid of dead skin.

Now, rinse your hair meticulously. Follow it up by applying conditioner all over your hair and let it seep to your scalp by taking a short break of a few minutes. Have a thorough rinsing before applying the conditioner for a second time. Rinse and thoroughly wash your hair. You would not need a second helping of conditioner after the first few occasions.

Step3 Using a towel to dry your hair. Follow that up with an air dryer. On such a clean scalp with clean hair you may now apply a styling aid to get the desired style, using a moisturizing product. It is helpful not to use many external products on your hair, as there is generally a pile up of left over of such chemicals. Ideally one should avoid using hair sprays.

Now you are not required to shampoo your hair so often. Understand that all that hot water and regular application of shampoo causes dryness of the scalp and hair. Natural oils produced in the scalp are good for hair. You may continue to have a shower daily, but put on a shower cap on days you are not required to shampoo.

You may use conditioner once a week. To keep your scalp clean and moisturized, washing with conditioner is helpful.

Get rid of that habit of running your fingers through your hair or scratching the scalp.

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