How To Get Rid Of Burn Scars

Burn Scars

 Burn Scars

Burn scars are not only painful, but also ugly to look at. Proper care must be taken of burns so that you can prevent your burn mark from becoming permanent. This article will provide some tips that will help you get rid of burn scars. Let’s first look at some home remedies that can help in preventing burn scars.

When you burn your skin, you must apply cold water on it to reduce the burning sensation and also apply the natural healer ‘turmeric’ to help prevent the formation of a burn scar.

Cold Water

When one gets burnt, the burn takes its own natural time to heal. You should let the burn injury heal first before using creams and treatments to get rid of burn scars. After your burn has healed, it does leave behind some dark burn marks. Given below are some helpful natural ways that can help in lightening and removing your burn scars.

Lemon Juice

A popular way of getting rid of burn scars is by applying lemon juice on the affected area. Aloe Vera is quite helpful in lightening the scar marks. You can apply Aloe Vera creams and gels on the burnt area. Similarly, cocoa butter helps in reducing the burn scar and it naturally makes your skin soft and supple.


You can naturally fade your burn scars using olive oil. All you need to do is to apply the oil on the affected area, especially after having a hot water bath. Wheat germ and almond oil are also beneficial for burn scars.

Olive Oil

In addition, it has been found that massaging the affected skin with tomato pulp can help in lightening the burn scars over a period of time. You can also apply over the counter creams to get rid of burn scars. Creams that contain Vitamin E, C and A are quite helpful. If you have received third degree burns, then you might require injections and other medications to heal your burn injury and marks.

Creams Vitamin E

Follow the above given tips to easily get rid of unwanted burn scars.