How to get Rid of Anxiety

If you suffer from frequent restlessness, fatigue, headaches and shortness of breath, then you are probably suffering from anxiety. Anxiety is something which we all face sometime or the other in life like before exams, results, important meetings and various other incidents of life. However, the problem arises when anxiety becomes very frequent and even chronic which in turn starts hampering the healthy living of a person. To prevent your physical, emotional and mental self from disorders caused by chronic stress and anxiety, follow some simple and effective steps of getting rid of anxiety.

The most effective natural remedy for stress and anxiety is meditation. It helps in relaxing and de-stressing your body and mind by providing you with a peaceful and a relaxed feeling. It helps in connecting you with higher positive energies thereby reducing your anxiety level. Similarly, yoga is another effective art in this direction. Exercise and positive thinking are other helpful ways to reduce stress.

One of the most effective ways of getting rid of stress and anxiety is to have a warm water bath. Fill your bath with warm water and make a peaceful environment through some scented candles and soothing music. This would definitely help you to overcome your anxiety levels. Talk and talk when anxious. This helps in providing an outlet for feelings and emotions which suppressed can pose serious health hazards. Similarly, you need to identify triggers which lead to anxiety attacks so that you can work towards overcoming those triggers to effectively handle them. Last but not the least, healthy eating also helps in keeping anxiety in control and very well follows the famous line- “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. Thus, follow these simple natural ways to control anxiety attacks without medications. However, if your anxiety refuses to get solved by these methods, then you must consult a doctor to avoid further health complications.


  • supriya5

    The only answer for all physiological problem is yoga & meditation. Daily spend minimum 5 minuets of time to do yoga, or mediation. U know Everymorning I start my day with Yoga & then light few Cycle incense sticks and start meditating.. believe me Yoga and meditation does miracles for your mind, body & soul. Try and let me know if it is useful..