How to Get Rid of Alcohol Smell


alcoholbreath Getting rid of alcohol smell is one of the biggest concerns of people who drink. Usually, teenagers who drink without their parent’s permission are worried about getting rid of alcohol smell so as to avoid getting caught.

However, this is not the only reason why people seek for ways to get rid of alcohol odor. It is also because alcohol smell is extremely strong and nasty and can trouble people around you. This article will provide you with some simple tips that can help you get rid of the nasty alcohol smell.

The most common way of hiding and disguising your alcohol smell is by chewing mint and fruit flavored gums. Keep them handy, especially if you have a plan of partying and boozing.

Mint helps and so does intake of strong flavored food items or spices like garlic and onions. Though onion smell is not that pleasing, it can effectively hide your alcohol breath.

Putting a metallic coin in your mouth for some time is another often heard of remedy for getting rid of alcohol smell. However, this step and remedy requires caution so that you don’t accidentally swallow the coin.

Peanuts can help you get rid of alcohol smell. It has been found that eating snacks like salted peanuts while drinking can help in preventing you from having a strong and pungent alcohol breath. In addition, it is medically advised that some snacks should be had while drinking so as to avoid damage to your stomach lining.

Along with the above tips, you should follow proper oral hygiene. Brushing, flossing, gargling and using a mouthwash is a must, especially after you booze. These small steps of oral care help in preventing bad breath.

Thus, follow the above given tips to effectively get rid of alcohol smell after boozing.

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