5 Ways To Flaunt Korean Styles Of Makeup

Flaunt Korean Styles Of Makeup

 Flaunt Korean Styles Of Makeup

If you crave for flawless and translucent-looking skin, the best way is to indulge in Korean makeup styles. Most of us must have envied the glowing skin of Korean girls; but remember that their amazing skin tone is the result of a very stringent beauty regime. Most of the Korean girls take care of their skin very cautiously and follow a specific make-up routine before they step out of their house. The basic idea behind all these makeup tips is to enrich their natural beauty by accentuating the positive features.

The subtle and sophisticated look that most Korean beauties and actresses flaunt is highlighted by complete eye bags, well-shaped eyebrows, lustrous lips and finely-defined eyes. Korean makeup tricks and beauty regime focus on creating clear skin and delicately defining facial features with neutral makeup. If you want to free yourselves from a high-maintenance makeup regime, Korean makeup tips will prove to be the best option.

5 Korean Skin Makeup Tips

Korean women have a particular skin tone that gets blended with any form of makeup with a golden base or a yellow undertone. The success of a good makeup system lies in the way in which it is executed in the entire facial framework. The makeup steps are described below.


Here cleansing the face does not mean careless washing with cold water, but a thoughtful process of removing dirt. They stick to outward and downward strokes while washing face, which is contrast to the up and down strokes that most of us follow. Outward and upward strokes while washing face will prevent facial skin from gradual sagging.


Primer Plus Make-Up Base:

This step is carried out to correct the skin tone. Levelling the skin tone will give a special glow to the face and will prepare the skin for the following steps.


Applying foundation is an indispensible step in Korean makeup routine. Korean women apply foundation both daytime and night time, even if they are involved in day-to-day chores. The traditional and most popular way of applying foundation cream is to slightly wet face with fingertips dipped in cold water, and then apply cream to the centre of the face. The cream will be nicely blended towards the outside of the face by gently rubbing.



Women with marks and blemishes on their face will compulsorily use a good concealer to cover them. This will also help in offering a more even skin tone.


Setting The Foundation:

The foundation will be set with a yellow-based compact powder, which is a much-loved touch-up item of most of the Korean women.

Skin Highlighter:

After setting foundation, most women will apply a skin brightener or highlighter to enhance the vital features. This will give a more youthful radiance to the skin.

Skin Highlighter


As the last step, blusher will be applied on the cheeks to give a natural glow to the skin. All these basic facial makeup steps are intended to enhance and show off their special ethnic beauty.


Korean Eye Makeup

Korean people have almond-shaped eyes that are deep-set in the skull. This special eye structure makes their eyes look smaller than they actually are. In order to give a unique beauty to their small eyes, Korean girls adhere to strict eye makeup, which involves the use of mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow. Enhancing the natural beauty of their eyes is the major goal.

Korean Eye Makeup

In order to give the feel of longer eyelashes, a thick layer of mascara will be applied both on the upper and lower eyelids. Black mascara and eyeliner are preferred. Lining the edges of lashes by extending it outward will make eyes look gorgeously longer. The colour of eye shadow will be determined on the basis of the area above the eyelid. Blue or purple shades are good if the area is more and neutral shades are chosen in case of small area.

Clearly-defined eyebrows are very special for Korean women. While using eyebrow pencil, move it along the arch shape and brush at places where the thickness of hair strands is less.  During night time, Korean women prefer to wear mysterious and naughty look to their eyes by coating black eyeliner to both the upper and lower lash lines by slightly smudging it. Be cautious not to overuse any of these as it will create clumsy look. Judicious application of eye makeup materials will make Korean eyes more attractive.

Korean Lip Makeup

Korean makeup is incomplete without rubbing lipstick or lip stain to the lip. Lip colors can be selected depending on whether you have fuller or thin lips. Red, peach, brown or berry shades will look good on fuller lips. Care should be taken to choose that shade that blends well with the natural colour of lips.

Korean Lip Makeup

Since colour of your lips brightens and enhances your total appearance, lip makeup offers final finishing touch to facial makeup.  During night time, Korean women prefer to keep their lips so keep lips neutral or dab on a little peach gloss.

Healthy Appearance Of Skin

Apart from giving extreme emphasize on makeup in their daily lives, Korean women are very particular about the upkeep of healthy skin. Healthy appearance of skin is really important since they know that makeup will look good only on a well-maintained skin. They take good use of their palms to offer nice massage to their face and eyes. They rub away tiredness and puffiness from their face by doing gently massage with their palms.

Healthy Appearance Of Skin

Some other uniqueness of their makeup regime is the excess use of whitening products, since pale or fairer skin is considered as a vital element to look beautiful. Whitening products not only allow them to preserve their fairness, but also helps in lessening dark spots and blemishes. Korean women are experts in drawing nude makeup on their face to present a healthy-looking skin that radiates youthfulness.

One alarming factor that is found among Korean women is their recent passion to look more like western women. Increasing number of surgical procedures is being carried out among Korean people to obtain rounder eyes, sharp noses and voluptuous bodies.  This trend of going under knife to look western is really upsetting as their natural and striking features are exchanged to acquire fake beauty.


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