How To Dress Sexy For Your Husband

How To Dress Sexy For Your Husband Do you like to dress sexy for your husband? Do you like to surprise him in bed? This article focuses on some tips on how to dress sexy for your husband. The best way to stop your husband think of cheating is to dress sexy occasionally. Make your husband feel lust after reading this article.

How To Dress Sexy For Your Husband

Find Out His Favorite Color

You should understand his favorite color. Look at the color combinations and you should use it wisely to dress sexy. For example, if your husband likes violet, cream and black color, you can use violet color for top and cream color for bottom dress.

You can use black color lingerie to add variety to dressing style and that would make you look attractive and sexy in front of your husband. You should go for a light-colored dress if your husband likes it. You can go for floral designs based on your husband’s preference and you should surprise him.

Do Not Reveal Too Much

You should understand that men love to sexually arouse when they get visual treat. You should not reveal too much your body to look sexy in front of him. You should wear stockings on your legs and that can raise his expectations. You should show only a part outside your stomach portion and you should walk in a confident manner in front of him. You should show flashes of your neck portion and the small area below your neck. You should push your hair forward to do this and that can raise his expectations.

Shower Him With Fantasy Role-Play

You should dress like a French maid and surprise him when he returns from work. You should try various options like dressing like a nurse, dressing like a telephone operator, dressing like a police woman and so on to surprise him and that would also show your sexier side to him. Make sure that he does not get excited too much and destroy your dresses.

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You can create a dominant game like your husband being the obedient worker in the office and you can become the stylish boss. You can wear the panties that he likes most. You should get naked only after some time and make sure that he gets full treat before you both hit the right moment together.

Get Bolder And Dress Sexy

Wear your latest lingerie that you bought today and you should wait for your husband to arrive from work. Open the door and escort him inside. You should remove your outer dress in a flash and you should stand in front of him in your latest lingerie. You should turn around him and you should move closer to him and give him warm kiss. It is best that you give him a cup of tea or coffee before you do this sexy act. You can wear see through dress and take a bath. You can ask your husband to join you in the shower and you should take the initiative for shower sex.