How to deep condition at home


conditionhome Evaluate your hair

Evaluate what level of conditioning your hair needs and the time that you have on hand. Different formulas give you different levels of conditioning and treatment times can vary from five to sixty minutes.

You should consult with your hairstylist to make sure that the conditioner you have chosen won’t interfere with your color treatment.

Trim damaged ends

If you already have damaged spilt ends, the best thing you can do is to have them trimmed. This way you can start out with healthy hair as a base.

Prepare the conditioning

Melt olive oil and shea butter together in a microwave.  Be careful not to heat the oil to a level where it might burn your scalp.

Gently apply the deep conditioner to your hair while moist, and be sure to focus your application on the ends. You should work the hair through your fingers, or you can use a wide-toothed comb.

Place a shower cap on your hair, and then place a heating device over your head for at least twenty minutes. The time allows your hair cuticle to fully open and allows the conditioner to permeate and nourish your hair.

After twenty minutes or so take the cap off and allow your hair to cool down for five to ten minutes.  This will allow the hair shaft to close again.  The conditioner itself can be left on longer than that, even over an entire night after the heating has been completed.

Relax yourself

First wrap your hair in saran wrap and then with a warm towel. Now, relax for twenty to thirty minutes in a nice warm bath or read a novel or go through some magazines.

Once the time has passed use shampoo and lather up your hair at least twice to remove all excess oils.  Unless you have really hard water, I would advise you to use conditioner after the oil treatment.

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