How to Deal with Sibling Rivalry


Sibling rivalry is a very common phenomenon in every household but it often makes the parent go crazy. Small things often lead to these sorts of rivalries which from being verbal also turn aggressive and violent. Fight over ice creams, toys or simply parents love can all lead to some verbal as well as violent rivalry between siblings. However, there are times when these kinds of rivalries exceed the accepted healthy limit, thus driving you crazy as a parent. Given below are some tips which will help you deal effectively with sibling rivalry.

Many a times, siblings’ rivalry has its root in the fight for parents love. As a parent, you need to ensure that you equally shower your love and attention on both your children. Make them feel special as individuals and also as siblings.

Try teaching them the need and importance of the other sibling so that a bond of love, friendship and faith builds in the relationship of the siblings. As a parent, you need to support the interest of each child. Give importance to the interest of both your children as they both might not be identical in their interests and likes. For example, if your one child is fond of football and the other in cricket, then you need to give due importance and attention to both their interests.

Similarly, when buying gifts, keep in mind the tastes and likes of both the children. Though these things are small, they make a huge impression in the sensitive minds and hearts of children. For healthy development, they need undivided and equal love of their parents. Instead of just screaming at your children when they fight, you need to teach them in a more patient and understanding way.

Along with showering love on them, you also need to be firm and strict when it comes to these kinds of rivalries. Tell them that this sort of behavior is not accepted and also take measures to ensure that the siblings get along with each other. As a parent, you need to handle these rivalries in a tactful, patient and an understanding way so that you not only prevent these rivalries, but also make the siblings love and respect each other.

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