How to Deal with Misunderstandings between Friends


misunderstanding A small misunderstanding can easily ruin friendship of years. It is thus necessary to prevent it from occurring in your precious relationship as misunderstanding is like a slow poison which can slowly ruin your long term friendship and make your friends turn into strangers. Given below are some helpful tips that can help you to effectively deal with a misunderstanding.

The best way to deal with a misunderstanding is by preventing it from occurring itself. Your friendship should be strong enough to withstand any such storm of adversity.

Friendship demands transparency and when everything is crystal clear between friends, misunderstanding cannot sow its poisonous seeds in it.

If you find anything wrong in your friendship, you should openly discuss about it and avoid formation of any misunderstanding. Keep your ego aside and openly discuss your problem and your views with your friend instead of assuming things.

The best way to deal with a misunderstanding is to talk it out. Talk it out over lunch or dinner and you can also go to your favorite hang out place to openly discuss and sort out your problems.

If you find your friend behaving differently than usual, then you must try to find out the reason behind it. Many times there are small things that trouble us and which may be caused by some gap in communication.

As friends, you must try out to sort out such minor differences so as to avoid a small gap in communication from becoming a major misunderstanding that disrupts your friendship.

Take the first step and don’t wait for your friend to react first. You should not have ego issues in true friendship.

Friends are precious and you must not lose them because of a misunderstanding. Trust is the basis of any relationship and you must not let your trust waver amidst the storm of misunderstanding.

Follow the above given tips to prevent your friendship from getting adversely affected by a misunderstanding.


  • Ajay

    speak ur friend, tell about ur self ur feelings behaviour and share as much as possible….. the most easy way to get close friend is to care for her/him.
    Never use ur ego understand each other and never blame urself for to save any misunderstanings

  • niña

    i think u r right…. but i have mine is to when u meet a fight with ur friend or friends
    i think we should give our side why they hurt us or in the fight an maybe they will realize what they did wrong to you and say sorry to them and try to ask why and how it happen…..

  • true…it is the ego which will ruin everything..

  • true…it is the ego which will ruin everything..

  • true…it is the ego which will ruin everything..