How to Deal with Hyperactive Children


adhd Does your child have high energy level which often makes him restless and fidgety? There are many children who are hyperactive by nature and the excessive energy in them translates into aggression, restlessness and even violent and destructive nature. Such children are difficult to handle due to their restless behavior.

Hyperactive and impulsive children are easily distracted and they find it difficult to concentrate on anything. In some cases, it has been found that children with excessive energy and restlessness suffer from problems like Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).

Also, children with various neurological disorders display bouts of hyperactivity. This article will provide some helpful tips on ways by which you can effectively deal with a hyperactive child.

First of all, parents and teachers of hyperactive children should try to channelize the excessive energy of such children in a positive direction. Involve such children in sports and other creative arts where they can use their excessive energy.

Help your child do something useful with his energy or else you’ll find his energy getting translated into aggression and violent behavior.

You should keep hyperactive children busy with something or the other of their interest. Since such children have short attention span, you should ensure that you have shorter work periods in a class for such children or you make an interesting curriculum for them to engage their attention for a long time.

Along with the above steps, as a parent, you must try to make your child understand that such aggressive and violent behavior is not accepted. Be firm yet calm and patient.

Make your child understand the drawbacks of aggression and restlessness in a caring way.

You should make your hyperactive child engage in self management techniques like yoga, meditation and deep breathing so that he can naturally overcome the problem of restlessness and use his energies in a positive way.

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  • hafiza

    hi there, you told that one should engage their hyper child in sports etc, but what if the child is not concentratring on sports or anything,my neighbour is having one seven year old son,he is ver and stubborn and didn’t obey any orders, how to deal with that.