How to deal with damaged, dry hair


damagedryhair The most effective way of repairing damaged or dry hair is through shampooing.

Shampoo your hair fully

Think about your daily routine and what you are putting on your hair.  Is it possible that some of these activities are excessive or unnecessary?  For example, washing your hair daily is often thought to reflect good hygiene.

However, it is not recommended if you have colored, relaxed or really long hair.  If any of these situations apply in your case you should consider applying a dry shampoo or wearing a shower cap when in the shower.

Comb carefully

Don’t comb or brush your hair in a rush, as you may tear off split ends and break the hairs off. You also shouldn’t comb or brush your hair when it is soaking wet.

Dry your hair gently with a towel gently until damp; then use a wide-toothed comb to untangle the hair, beginning at the ends and working your way slowly up to the scalp.

Apply conditioners

If you have colored, chemically processed, dry or long hair, you should use conditioners after shampooing your hair.

You can also add a leave-in conditioner to your beauty regime.  It should be applied after you have towel dried your hair but before styling your hair.

Hair dryers and styling

Don’t ever dry your hair immediately after taking a shower. It doesn’t make the hairstyle any better and damages the hair way more than necessary. The water which is still lying inside the hair needs to be blotted out with a towel.

If you use a hairdryer, you will wind up boiling the water inside the hair, leading to more damaged ends and dried hairs that won’t cooperate with you. It’s best to towel dry your hair and then blow dry and style it.

Trim your hair every two months

Trimming your hair every two months keeps your ends clean-looking and makes the hair more manageable.

You are prone to split ends when your hair is chemically treated, colored, long or damaged in some other way. Ultimately, trimming the hair is the only way to remove damaged or split-ends.

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