How to Deal with an Aggressive Child


Is your child aggressive and even violent? If yes, then you might be facing a tough time dealing with him. Aggression in small children is quite common but it should not be allowed to continue as the child will slowly make it a part of his personality. Aggression is children can result from various factors: pent up emotions, lack of love and understanding, unawareness of socially acceptable behavior, inability to communicate feelings and also when a child gets rewarded for this sort of obnoxious behavior. While the aggressive behavior of a child can’t be undone overnight, measures can definitely be taken to control this sort of aggressive and unacceptable behavior so that your child improves with time.

Most importantly, explain and control your child’s aggressive behavior with love and understanding. Mere scolding or hitting will only add to the problem. However, don’t be too lenient also. Be tender and soft with your child but with firmness so that you make the child realize that what he is doing is wrong. If once you give in to your child’s tantrums, then you’ll indirectly promote this behavior in him. It is good if you can understand the triggers which promote aggressive behavior in your child. This can help you to understand the underlying reason behind the aggression of your child. Remember that children are very much susceptible to negative influences. They will imitate what they see. Thus prevent negative influences on your child and be a role model for him. Understand your child and give him space to express himself and be heard. Usually the inability of comprehension and pent up anger leads to aggressive behavior in a child. Also start rewarding good behavior in a child so that he knows what is acceptable and unacceptable in a social environment.

These simple tips can help you prevent and control aggressive behavior in your child.

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