How to Deal with a Stubborn Child


Aggressive, irritable and angry nature is the trademark of a stubborn child. And this stubbornness is primarily witnessed in teenage children. Coming into a sensitive stage of teen where seeds of individuality and independence are sowed, many teenagers tend to become stubborn due to the uncertainty of this stage of life. However, as a parent, you need to deal with the stubbornness of your child in a patient and sensitive way. Given below are some important tips which can help you achieve this.

Listening and understanding your child and his views is the first step towards building up of a healthy relationship. If you become stubborn in your behavior, then your child is bound to be stubborn. You need to respect his feelings, let him discuss his feelings as teenage time is such a sensitive stage of a child’s growth that you need to become a friend more than a parent. When stubborn teenagers give their perspective, acknowledge but its not necessary to agree. Explain to them in a convincing, friendly tone instead of arguing. Many teenagers become aggressive and revolting when confronted in an authoritarian tone. The only way to communicate things to your stubborn child without making him aggressive is by being a friend. Your child needs to know that you care and love him as most of the time, stubborn children adopt an attitude of isolation with stored and pent up anger with the world. You need to ensure that your child opens up and does not live with pent up anger as that can affect his overall health. Making such children feel special, wanted and loved is the best way to deal with stubbornness.

Many children are stubborn by nature, some in their early years and majority in during their teenage times. Dealing with such children is tough but is nevertheless necessary for their healthy future.

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