3 Ways To Cure Acidity



Hey people do you often suffer from the problem of acidity? Keep in mind that acidity is not a disease rather it is a lifestyle disorder. You just need to make certain changes in your diet and have some refreshing healthy food in your diet to combat this problem. Read this article below as it will guide you on various ways to control acidity.

Say a big ‘no’ to all the junk food that you have been gorging on from long time. Stop the intake of canned, artificial and ripened and frozen fruits. Rather opt seasonal fruits and veggies for your diet. Shun all the spicy and fried foodstuffs.

Hey girls and guys if you have a habit of washing down your every meal with a fizzy drink, the better you stop it right now. Keep in mind that aerated drinks dilute your enzymes and hinder the digestion process, causing fermentation in the tummy, which leads to acute acidity.

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How To Cure Acidity

For curing acidity, you should avoid excessive consumption of tea, tobacco, coffee in your diet. Instead you should include drinks like coconut water, cucumber juice, lemonade, water melon. Do you know that natural coolers always do great good to your body? So drink as much as you can.


Amla certainly taste sour but believe me, it is an excellent home remedy for curing acidity. For a quick fix, mix 2 tablespoon amla juice or dried amla powder with equal quantity of powdered mishri with water and drink up.

Include yoghurt and butter milk in your daily diet. You will be glad to read that a fresh cucumber raita is great antidote for acidity.


Make sure you consume lot of green leafy vegetables and sprouts, as they are rich sources of vitamin B and E. these help in eliminating the acids from your body in a very effective manner.

Green leafy Vegetables


  • parmanand

    i have stopped taken tea coffee or any caffienated drink and any junk or oily food even then my stomach pains and have vertigo, after taking omeprazole 20mg i get relief but next day same stomach pain occurs please suggest me home remedy or any exercise

  • i vomate every morning .and vomate colour is yellow and stomach is also penning.and taking lunch and dinner after very much blurb are comming so what i do for that……..please suggest me home remedy or any exercise

  • 4uhealth

    you assumed that people with acidity only eat junk-food , i don’t drink coffee consume alcohol and i am a vegan, drink coconat water as often as i can, i have never had junk food as 99% of it contains animal fats. i have a very sensitive stomach, i have had it since i was very young, and when my stomach can’t digest the food, i end up vomiting, whatever the meal i just had was.
    i still don’t know what its, since most of the food i consume is soft easy to digest and hardly need any chewing, like vegetable soups, rice, salads, roasted veggies, lentils beans, and almond milk, i try to stay away from soy and tofu because i can not for the life consume any soy product and not have a stomach ache!.