How to Control Anger


angercontrol Many of us suddenly express our emotions and anger through unexpected outbursts, even in public. There are people who are cool as a cucumber; but there are also some who have an angry nature.

Such people might be angry and frustrated with their private or professional life.  However, outbursts of anger or letting anger grow in ourselves is not healthy and not even socially acceptable.

You will come across many people who are angry and frustrated but they never express their feelings. This too is not a good quality as suppressing your anger leads to various physical and psychological problems.Thus, it is extremely important that you learn some basic anger management techniques so that you not only reduce your episodes of anger outbursts, but also prevent its formation.

After all, reducing anger will help you reduce your risk to problems like heart diseases, blood pressure, diabetes and other serious problems.

Count backwards when angry. Doesn’t this tip sound too familiar? After all, you must have often heard this on TV and also by many people. The popularity of this tip is a fact that it works.

Thus whenever you are angry, you should start counting backwards and you’ll find your anger naturally reducing.

Yoga, meditation, relaxation, and breathing exercises are extremely useful for controlling anger. Regular physical exercises also help in developing self control.

Also, keep yourself de-stressed as that would automatically help you to control your anger and frustration. You must have heard of laughter therapy.

Well, laughter therapy is quite useful in treating anger as it teaches you to laugh out all worries and tension and even laugh out your anger.

Thus, follow the above given tips to keep your anger under control and keep your mind and body in a healthy condition.

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