How To Conceal Aging Signs


You can’t stop the ticking away of time. With age comes benefits as well as drawbacks and the most common drawback is that of aging related marks and signs on the face. While there are ways to age gracefully through retaining your youthful look via diet and exercise, there are also ways by which you can conceal your aging related signs. Thus, you now no longer need to curse old age due to visible aging marks. Just follow the given tips and effectively conceal your age.

To naturally conceal your age with a youthful look and radiance, change your nutritional habits. Garlic, carrot, citrus, onion and spinach are some of the best preservers of youth. Similarly, drink loads of water and naturally feel and look young.

Along with some natural means, there are also other methods to effectively conceal those fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. Ensure using good moisturizer regularly after cleansing. To effectively conceal laughter lines and crow’s feet around the eyes, you can use lotions which tighten the skin as it dries. You can also conceal unwanted age lines by using a white nail pencil. Using this pencil, you can draw a thin line right inside the furrow and wrinkle to conceal it. Liquid foundations and concealer stick can be used on dark circles around the eyes.

Never use make up or blushers which look artificial. It is always better to use intelligent make up so that it look natural and not over done. Use more natural shades of lipstick. Concealers should be carefully blended on the skin of the face, especially where there are strong red blotches and veins. Most importantly, feel young and take proactive steps to keep your skin in healthy condition. You can also carefully dye your eyelashes and eyebrows and also bleach unwanted facial hair for a young and youthful skin.