How to Choose the Right Lipstick Color


Lips look gorgeous when supported by a layer of lipstick. However, many women face problem of choosing the right lipstick color and shade which complements their skin color. To help solve your confusion and problem, given below are certain guidelines which would help you in choosing the right lipstick colors. So just follow the given tips and let your lips talk.

The best way to choose a lipstick color is to see whether that color complements your natural lip color and skin tone. People with light skin tone should go in for lipstick colors like light brown-beiges, pinks, soft berry and even those with orange undertones. Similarly, plums, wines and deep red flatter a dark skin tone. Keep colors lighter for daytime and darker for night. While matte and cream finishes offer a subtler daytime look, high gloss finishes adds shine and glamour for evening, especially for night parties. A sheer, natural-looking color with a little shine also works well for day.

Always test for a lipstick’s color in broad and natural daylight before purchasing it. There are many times when one particular shade refuses to suit a person’s skin style. Don’t feel shy to mix and try as mixing of various shades might bring about the desired color which complements your skin color and tone. The easiest way to do this is by applying each color to your lips with a lip brush, then blending with the brush on your lips. After choosing the right and best fitted lipstick shade, one should opt for a lip liner which is a shade darker than your lipstick but of the same color family. You should line your lips after applying lipsticks and not before.

Following the given guidelines, you would be able to add glamour and shine to your face by applying the right selected lipstick.