How to Calm your Crying Baby

Every parent has a desire to see an everlasting smile and laughter on his child’s face. Thus, a single tear and relentless cries of a baby puts every parent in an uncomfortable position and makes them angry and depressed at the same time. A baby can cry due to various reasons ranging from illness, discomfort, loneliness, and boredom to simple and general irritation. As a parent, you first need to understand the reason behind the child’s cries to be finally able to comfort and calm him.

If your baby cries more than normal and does not calm down despite various attempts, then it is possible that your baby might be suffering from an internal ailment which might be troubling him and causing him a lot of discomfort. If this is the case, then you should check for your baby’s temperature and give him medical assistance to calm him. Many babies cry to indicate hunger or thirst. Thus, before trying any other method, one should first ensure that the cries are not made in hunger quest. If three or four hours have passed since the child’s last feeding, then he’s probably hungry. Such types of cries can be stopped by a simple feed.

Babies also cry when they feel discomfort which can be caused by a wet and an itchy diaper. Moreover, many babies cry when they feel lonely and bored and thus what they need is just the presence, support and cuddle of their parents. Moreover, playing with your baby or holding him in your arms can help a great deal in calming a crying baby. If your child is showing signs of yawning and tiredness along with repeated cries, then the indication is that the child is feeling cranky due to sleep and thus as a parent you should cradle him to sleep to relax and calm him. Some babies cry due to general irritation and these children can be calmed through the help of soft music, gentle massage and through swaddling and holding the baby. By understanding the underlying reasons behind the cry, one can easily soothe and calm the crying baby. One should remember that crying is the only mode of small babies to convey their feelings and needs and thus you need to understand your baby to actually help him and calm him.

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