How to Buy Pearls

Pearls help a great deal in providing a perfect sophisticated look to a woman and they blend well with almost all dresses. Grace, elegance and style are all associated with pearls as they are the perfect ornaments which help in adorning up a woman for almost all occasions. Pearls can be worn with casuals and they can also help in styling a person for parties along with being helpful for the attainment of a professional look. Different types and styles of pearls are available in market and they are now no longer the exclusive ornaments for luxurious class due to the flourishing of markets with various designs of pearls which can be bought at affordable prices. Given below are some tips which would help a person in buying the perfect pearls according to his taste and budget.

Before buying pearls, one has to be sure whether one wants to purchase natural, cultured or imitated pearls. To avoid being cheated, one can perform a test to check out the difference between real and imitated pearls as they both almost look similar in face value but there is a wide gap of cost in them. The difference between real and imitated pearls can be checked through tooth test. This involves rubbing a real pearl- natural or cultured- across the teeth. If the pearl feels slightly gritty, it implies it’s real and if feels smooth and slippery, then they are an indication of artificial ones. These days, pearls can be found in a wide range of colors which can match with various colored dresses. However, the most common naturally cultured pearls can be found in colors of white, cream and pink. Before buying pearls, one should check out its luster as high luster is indicative of high quality. Lustrous pearls have a shiny surface, good contrast between light and dark areas, and strong, crisp reflections. Similarly, the price of pearls also varies with its size. Generally the larger sized pearls are costlier and one can choose either a doubled stranded necklace of small sized pearls or single strand of larger pearls. It all depends upon the personal choice of a person and one can follow these tips to ensure that one buys pearls of the right quality without getting cheated or faked.