How to Build Strong Hip Muscles


Having strong muscles is an indication of healthy living. Having strong hip muscles is an added advantage as it not only powers your kick, but also gives more support to your back and knees. Thus, follow the given steps and work towards attainment of strong, muscular hips.

There are various exercises designed for the strengthening of hips and hip muscles. You first need to lie on your side. Bend your bottom leg about 90 degrees at the knee while keeping your top leg straight. Knees, toes and your top hip should face forward. You now need to lift your top leg so that your toes are at shoulder level. Keep your leg straight. Hold for 3 seconds and then slowly lower your leg. You need to keep your knee straight but not locked or hyper extended. Repeat 20 to 30 times and then turn over and repeat the steps with your other side. For improvement of strength, you can use 3 or 5 pound ankle weights. If you can?t lay your hands on ankle weights, then you can also use heavy shoes. Strength improvement can be enhanced by lifting weights more slowly. In addition, walking, treadmills and jogging can all prove effective in strengthening your leg, calf and hip muscles.

The more you exercise, stretch and strengthen your legs, the more stronger hips you?ll have. Thus, also indulge in exercises which improve the strength, flexibility and stamina of your legs as everything is interconnected. In this direction, squats, bends, lunges, pushes and twists can be effective. Regular exercise and nutritional diet can together help you in achieving strong and muscular hips for improved movement, flexibility and strength. In addition, don?t forget, strong hips also imply proper support for your backs and even knees.