How to Build Leg Muscles


Possessing long, lean and beautiful legs is the desire of many. However, your legs should not only be lean but also healthy. This can be done by possessing healthy leg muscles which provide you with strength along with a toned look. Many of us face the problem of flabby and loose leg muscles due to lack of exercise and intake of unhealthy diet. Given below are some exercises which can help you build strong and healthy leg muscles.

To begin with, you should remember to exercise intelligently. This implies avoiding use of extra heavy weights in an attempt for immediate effects as that would make you end up with injuries. Even simple exercises done properly can help you attain strong leg muscles without injuring you. It has been found that the best way to build leg muscles is by a regular 30 minutes of brisk walk. Running and cycling are equally beneficial. The best workout for your leg is the squat. You can also do standing calf raises. This involves standing on a step or higher surface with just your tiptoes and balls of the feet touching the bottom. The rest of your feet should be hanging off. You then need to move the balls of your feet up and down in a steady position. If you are fond of gym, then you can use it for the advantage of your legs. Leg curl machines and leg extension machines available at the gyms help in building of well-rounded leg muscles. Similarly, lunges are beneficial for your legs as they involve the workout of every leg muscle. However, you need to do it properly to avoid injury. It is thus advisable to consult a trainer if you are a fresher.

Follow these simple and basic exercises to build and strengthen your leg muscles.