How to boost your immunity-read it out!

Do you fall sick every now and then, have every frequent upper respiratory tract infections, and suffer from upset stomach or fever often? Then don’t ignore these symptoms! It can be because you may be suffering from poor immunity levels in your body. Well if this is the case, then don’t panic regarding the same, here are some easy homely remedies that can help in strengthening your immunity system, so just read them out!

Do you know that turmeric that is easily available in your kitchen shelf is an anti-bacterial herb? It can do wonders for your body. Make a ball of 1 gm turmeric and take it with a sip of water, as a first thing in morning. It will boost your immunity levels greatly.

Garlic is another excellent home remedy for staying fit. It totally sterilizes your urinary passage, thus helping you get rid of and also counter several infections. Swallow a clove of garlic in the morning to keep the infections at bay –all day long and in all seasons!

You can also start your day by taking a glass of lemon water mixed with 1 tbsp of honey. This concoction flushes out all the toxins from your body and is rich in vitamin C. also at the end of day, go for a wheatgrass shot instead of a tequila. It will boost your immunity system tremendously plus do wonders for your skin too.

Whenever you suffer from a viral fever, the first thing that gets badly affected is your throat. For a sore throat, peel some raw turmeric, mash it and add it to a glass of boiling hot water. Add a pinch of salt. Let it cool for sometime and then gargle with it. This will greatly reduces your tendency to fall ill.

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