How to beat bad eating habits

Do you ever try to find out that why often your hard core daily fitness regime proves out to be futile for your body, no matter how hard you stick to your schedule. Well the major reason behind your failure to achieve good fitness is your indulgence to bad eating habits. It’s very important to break such bad routine habits. Here are few common diet traps, read out to know the best way to beat them.

Sugar is a big quick fix, leading to weight gain. So, go on for some slow releasing carbs that fills your stomach and give you long lasting energy like fruits, pastas, porridges, beans etc. At lunchtime, eat protein rich foodstuffs like tuna or chicken salad as these stuffs less likely sends mid-afternoon sleep signals to your mind. Even a cup of coffee can help you to get through an afternoon dip. But make sure you do not over do the caffeine intake otherwise you will end up feeling more tired in a long run.

Feeding yourself with variety of high calorie foodstuff just because you are feeling stressed out or emotional is another thing that you need to deal up carefully. Make sure to recognize the reasons for your triggers-it can be due to anger, frustration, unhappiness or loneliness or some other feelings that may make you to eat more. For dealing this, keep a “food and mood diary”. This will surely help you to cope up with such situations. For easy problems, you can always talk with your friends, or curl on a book to pass out your time. For trickier problems, counseling can be really great help. Also, eating regularly and not skipping the meals too reduces your chances of stress provoked binges. Thus eat healthy and have optimistic attitude towards your life for keeping yourself fit and fine.

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