How to be a Good Friend


Everyone knows the famous saying- “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. However, friendship has much more to it. Never consider friendship as a give and take relationship. It is one of the most beautiful relationships that help a person to grow in a healthy and positive way. Given below are some tips by which you can strengthen this pure relationship by becoming a good friend.

To become a good friend, you don’t need to don someone else’s persona. Instead, be your true self as friendship demands complete honesty and transparency. There is no space for hypocrisy in friendship. Thus, to be a good friend, you need to be yourself and not imitate someone else. Be honest to yourself and also to your friends if you want true friends for life.

Just like in any relationship, space and privacy is important in friendship too. To be a good friend, respect privacy and space of your friends. Do not try to unnecessarily drill your friend for details. Also, instead of coaxing your friend to share his problems with you, you should try to build trust and confidence so that your friend automatically shares his good and bad times with you. Always remember, friendship is earned, not bought or stolen from somewhere.

Other ingredients of being a good friend include being your friend’s true critic. You will find many who falsely appreciate you and your work to remain in good books. However, a good and in fact a true friend is one who is a true critic. If you find something wrong with your friend, be honest to him, tell him and help him overcome it instead of falsely praising him.

Trust, honesty, loyalty and sincerity are thus the key adjectives which are associated with the definition of a true and a good friend.