How To Attract Men With Seductive Smells

Attract Men With Seductive Smells

Attract Men With Seductive Smells

Do you know if the right kind of scent is used in a right manner, it will not only attract a man but also turn him on for a real game. But are you confused with what are right scents and right ways to use them? Then read out this article that will give you specific aromatic advice for your bedroom corner.

Remember that fruits and flower scents seems to work on the best but sandalwood and jasmine also in a close second in a race to evoke a sensual mood of your man. Fruit and flowers scent weakens your man’s defenses. Why this combination works is still a mystery for everyone on this planet, but it really does wonders for sure.

Flower Scents

Also, the various essential oils popularized by aromatherapy are another way for attracting your man. Just try out two or three drops of orange or some other citrus oil in a warmer. Make sure you do not over do the stuff. Remember subtle and sensual are the words! You can always keep a vase of flowers in warm water next to your bed. The warm water will enhance the fragrance. Flowers like gardenias and lilies work the best.

Essential Oils

Even burning the scented candles like orange or jasmine in the bedroom can spark the magic for both of you. You can also put a light coating of an essential oil on the light bulb in the nightstand lamp. When you turn on the lights, the fragrance will spread to all the corners of your bedroom.

Light Coating Of An Essential oil

Do you know another smell that drives men wild is the smell of your clean hair? Wash your hair with your favorite shampoo and be sure to blow your hair just before you join him in the bedroom for snuggle.