How To Attain A Spotless Skin

Attain A Spotless Skin

Attain A Spotless Skin

Along with looking attractive and beautiful, spotless skin is associated with good health. Every one has a dream of attaining a spotless skin which is free of all blemishes and marks. This is a dream which can be realized through simple and basic means which generally include a good personal hygiene and a healthy and a nutritious diet.

Many people go in for loads of artificial and cosmetic procedure to attain a clean and clear skin. However, spotless skin is just a step away and following certain natural tips, one can easily attain and fulfill their dream.

To attain a radiant and a fresh skin complexion, one should indulge in the healthy habit of including fruits and vegetables in one’s diet. In addition, one can nurture the skin by consuming nuts and fishes along with increasing one’s intake of water as water helps in removing toxins and impurities from one’s body thereby helping to attain a clearer and a fairer complexion. Along with diet, one needs to reduce the stress and tension levels from one’s body as stress is a factor which can lead to skin breakouts and skin problems. Chronic stress weakens the body defenses which in turn results in the skin becoming gullible to dirty environmental elements.

Fruits And Vegetables

Natural cleaning and hygienic factors also play an important role in helping your skin remain spotless. The basic method involves washing of face to ward off the environmental impurities which can help in retaining the natural glow of the health. One can make a natural paste by grinding 4 almonds and adding 1 tsp of honey and 3 tsp of milk in it. This paste should be applied on the face and neck and should be washed with a clean towel after 10 minutes. By following the rules of proper cleansing and healthy eating, one can attain one’s dream of achieving a flawless and a spotless skin.

Paste By Grinding Almonds


  • priyanka

    Wel i have a wheatish complextion, wel i have many doubts.
    1-i want to have a spotless face a very clean face.
    2-i want to have a very soft feet and palms
    3- what all should i use for daily regular makeup to have a fairer and flawless face.
    4- what kind of cream,soap,face wash should i use daily.
    5-for daily make up what all items should i have.

    Let me also inform u that i stay in vizag